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Suma Vitta –  RD,CDE has been a nutrition and diabetes counselor for over 25 years. She has worked in various health care settings and has a wealth of experience and immense knowledge in the area of Nutrition management. Suma thoroughly understands the complexity and confusion that revolves around the field of nutrition and is committed to provide a simple, easy, and practical approach to healthy eating. Her experience and expertise include wellness, weight loss, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other nutrition related topics.

Suma Vitta has been working as a RDN, CDE for about 20 years. She graduated from the University of Mysore, India with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition science and won two gold medals for achieving the highest rank in Nutrition Science for the state. After coming to the United States, she completed her dietetic internship program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Suma has been working in various clinical settings, which includes acute, long term care, and outpatient care centers and has amassed  a tremendously rich experience in understanding nutritional needs of variety of patients coming from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  Suma is also a board-certified Diabetes educator and is very passionate about diabetes prevention and management.


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Suma Vitta believes that making the right choices to lead a healthy life requires an internal transformation. Suma's passion for wholistic living lead her to learn basics of Ashtanga Yoga in India - and the US and is a Certified Yoga teacher with specialty in basic Vinyasa Yoga.
Suma also is a trained Indian Classical dancer and teaches this ancient classical art to a small group of aspiring students in her home-based Dance School Nrithyanjali