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Suma Vitta

Nature bestowed this beautiful life to us, let us nurture our mind with good thoughts,, fuel our body with nourishing food, energize and align our mind and body with sustainable activity—- let’s make this life wholesome and meaningful. Let’s work together to reach your healthy lifestyle goals!
One life to live, let us live well!

What is Nature - Nurture - Nourish?

We already know the alarming statistics on the growing epidemic of diabetes and heart disease. People are confused, frustrated and seek quick fixes, which can result in an unhealthy attitude toward food and lifestyle choices. Being a dietitian and an advocate for healthy lifestyle, I have put my passion to coach clients through methods that are simple, sustainable and practical.

What I Offer For Good Health?

I am so excited to launch my website and connect with each of you as both a coach and friend. I hope to help you get more out of life by helping you understand and make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle. See my entire services list below.

There are several different kinds of diets popping up everyday in the media, and at times it feels like there is a tug of war between diets, making the consumer a scapegoat. I strongly feel that each diet has its own value and it is up to the consumer to get the best of all diets and see which combination of diets will work for him/her personally.  Foods are powerful natural medicines which can have profound effects on the mind and body. Being a Yoga practitioner, I also want to incorporate simple Yoga practice to help in destressing, which is quintessential for wholesome living.

Nature-Nurture-Nourish Blog

I believe that making the right choices to lead a healthy life requires an internal transformation. Follow us here for the latest updates.

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